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Anyone Selling an MEV bot is a Scammer

Posted on:December 24, 2023 at 03:38 AM

Anyone trying to sell an MEV bot is a scammer (or just stupid.)

An analogy:

A boy finds a machine laying on the ground. The machine comes with simple instructions: “press button to print money.” The machine does what it says: it prints a crisp $20 bill whenever the boy presses the button. A businessman sees this from his car and offers the boy a million dollars for the machine. The boy would be foolish to accept the offer because this machine could print much more than a million dollars. The machine is priceless.

My point: No rational person with a profit-generating MEV bot will sell their bot for any price.

Don’t fall for scams.

P.S. There are no exceptions. P.S.S. You aren’t special. There are NO exceptions.

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